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'Table for Two' Cookbook to Debut November 5, 2016

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'Table for Two' Cookbook to Debut November 5, 2016

Marc J. Sievers, best-selling cookbook author and entertaining expert, debuts a brand-new cookbook and entertaining guide, just for two!  Table for Two is a collection of easy and elegant vegetarian recipes, and chic entertaining ideas, that makes cooking for two a party!

Table for Two: Cooking and Entertaining for You and Your +1

Marc's second cookbook is a masterful guide to simplified and elegant entertaining, just for two!

Chic and elegant recipes and entertaining, perfectly portioned for two.

CHICAGO, October 11, 2016 – We each have different plus-ones in our lives—those friendships, relationships, and special connections who deserve our undivided attention.  But, how do you cook and entertain elegantly for two?  Cookbook author and entertaining expert, Marc J. Sievers, answers this question with his second book Table for Two: Cooking and Entertaining for You and Your +1.

Marc’s brand-new book, on sale November 5, 2016, is one-part cookbook, one-part entertaining guide, with a dash of story-telling and memoir.  Marc set out to address the challenge of cooking and entertaining smartly just for two.  He keeps it simple, flavorful, and familiar with elegant recipes created from scratch to serve a duet.  Just as important as having a great recipe to cook from, entertaining for a duo should not be as frenzied as throwing a dinner party for ten.  In Table for Two, Marc has laid out an easy-to-follow guide for truly effortless cooking and entertaining, perfectly portioned and planned for two.

“Giving your undivided attention to your +1 is at the heart of the experience I aimed to capture with my cookbook. The food you prepare should support that, and doesn’t need to be complicated, fussy, or overly-extravagant.  My new book features vegetarian recipes perfectly portioned for two, with fresh ingredients, straight-forward preparation, and truly fabulous flavors.”

With Table for Two as your trusted guide, set up a catch-up around the coffee table, enjoy a kitchen island soirée, or a marvelous in-bed fête.  Marc has set these scenes and more, with useful ideas, easy menus, and inspired stories, all centered on wonderful recipes with fresh ingredients, straight-forward preparation, and truly fabulous flavors.

“Regardless of what Andy Warhol said, two is a party!  And this book is for exactly that—for you and your +1, whoever that may be, and for any occasion.  Do two people ever really need any more of a reason for a party than simply being together?!”

You do not need to be a wiz in the kitchen, or even an experienced host/ess to entertain at home.  What you must be is willing!  Willing to not only learn about fresh ingredients and useful techniques, but also to share that with your +1 and make whoever they are feel as through in that moment they are the only other person in the world that matters!  Table for Two is sure to be a welcomed addition to any savvy home cook’s collection as the first lifestyle cookbook and guide they will turn to for a party of two!

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Table for Two: Cooking and Entertaining for You and Your +1
Written and photographed by Marc J. Sievers
Published by Marc-Ryan Group
On Sale November 5, 2016
ISBN-13:  978-0-692-75468-9
MSRP $35.00
Hardcover (no dust jacked)
8.0”w x 10”h
244 pages, full color, photograph of every recipe
Printed in the USA