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Falling Leaves Dining Invitations

Online Exclusive

Falling Leaves Dining Invitations


Falling Leaves Dining Invitations

17.95 24.95

Falling Leaves Dining Invitations 

8 individual cards  •  2-sided  •  5”w x 7”h  •  8 envelopes

Ideal for:

  •     Breakfast
  •     Brunch
  •     Luncheon
  •     Dinner
  •     Cocktail Party
  •     Buffet Style

This Watermarc™ Falling Leaves Dining Invitation collection is the creation of entertaining expert and cookbook author Marc J. Sievers and is meant to renew the timeless art of hand-written invitations as a personal and tangibly engaging way to announce your soirée and invite your guests.  Receiving an invitation in the mail will be a joyful surprise for your guests and is the perfect way to foretaste your style and theme for your soirée.

The Art of Entertaining

Each dinner invitation is adorned with a vibrant and whimsical watercolor sketch by artist and photographer Linda Marie Clark and gives you a classic format with which to express your own creativity and style.  Press-printed on fine art quality paper with a thick gauge and velvety texture that imparts a sumptuous feel in the hand.  Kraft envelopes included.

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All Watermarc products are press-printed on fine art quality archival paper that is 100% certified sustainably-sourced by the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC®) in the United States.  Packaging is purposefully minimal and completely recyclable.  We are proud to create and source all Watermarc products in the USA, from start to finish.  Watermarc - Art & Appetite was a 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Awards Finalist.

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