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Entertaining with Love

Marc J. Sievers—entertaining expert, savvy home cook, and cookbook author—has created an elegant and visually stunning guide for everyday entertaining.  Entertaining with Love has 240 pages of beautiful photographs, easy-to-follow recipes, and a compendium of useful entertaining tips and tricks assembled from Marc's years of experience and know-how.


 Love is in the details:  Breakfast and brunch entertaining, page 226.

Love is in the details:  Breakfast and brunch entertaining, page 226.

Inspired recipes for everyday entertaining!

In the hardback second edition of Entertaining with Love you will find inspired recipes for everyday entertaining, as well as kitchen tips and fabulous entertaining tricks.  Marc has captured and shared the essence of his expertise to help you entertain with a delicious and elegant menu that is sure to impress your guests.  Throw an intimate themed dinner party, a casual brunch, celebrate an anniversary, or just share a grand time with close friends without stress or worry.  Entertain with confidence and easily elevate your event to a memorable one with Marc’s straight-forward and proven recipes and techniques.

    Sautéed Onion & Cream Cheese Dip, page 71.

Sautéed Onion & Cream Cheese Dip, page 71.

A savvy home-cooking and entertaining guide

Marc has detailed some of his best tips for great entertaining results, as well as time and stress-saving tricks, to help you put together a great event while having a good time before, during, and afterward! With simple and chic brunch recipes, delectable side dishes, indulgent dinners, delightful desserts, and cocktails perfected, you have a useful entertaining companion that will ensure your next event is both memorable and stress-free.

 Henrietta's Deviled Eggs, page 63.

Henrietta's Deviled Eggs, page 63.

Created, tested, and printed in the USA

Enjoy fabulously flavorful recipes, fun anecdotes, and tried-and-true chic rules of entertaining with Marc as your guide.  Entertaining with Love will surely be your most favored companion for savvy home cooking and entertaining!

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The reviews are in!

Read what people are saying about Entertaining with Love!

"After grandchild babysitting duties in Chicago and New York City, I have finally had time to read and re-read your book - absolutely wonderful!  There are so many easy and delicious sounding recipes, and I cannot wait to try them when I get back home to Florida.  I will have quite a few house guests, and they are in for treats.  Marc, I also want to tell you how much I enjoyed, in addition to the recipes, the format of your book - gorgeous photos, non threatening directions, and all of the marvelous anecdotes.  Now I feel I know a little about you, Ryan, and a few of your family members.  I am anxiously awaiting your next book!"- Elizabeth H.

"These recipes are simple and flavorful. No drama, just style and elegance and good food.  I love the side stories and the tips. The cocktail section is wonderful and my new favorite is now The Ricky. Now that's a cocktail. I can't wait to see what they have in store for us with their next book. Hurry up and get that written would you? I also love the size of the book. It's perfect. Not too big and bulky and hard to manage. I am a culinary student and took this book to school with me and was afraid I wasn't going to get it back from my classmates." - Renee Z.

"Collecting books, in particular, cookbooks is my passion. I love to actually read a cookbook and gain a true understanding of how the chef and writer are inspired. Entertaining with Love is a book I could not put down. Marc makes something that looks so complicated so easy! It is all in the presentation as well as the quality of the food. I made the deviled eggs at Christmas and my family all wanted the recipe! Thank you Marc and Ryan for publishing a cookbook that everyday people can use while not being intimated by overcomplicated recipes and presentations. I recommend this book for the most to sophistacated chef to the everyday cook who just wants to make their home extra special for loved ones." - Myra G.

"I recently received this book from friends attending our dinner party. What a wonderful gift! The cookbook has a unique layout, which for me, makes the recipes much easier to follow than most cookbooks. Also, the photos are amazing and very inspirational! Of course you want food to be good but why not be beautiful at the same time! Entertaining with Love is an awesome addition to a host's repertoire." - Sue B.

"The title of this cookbook is deceiving. One would think that it is only useful for entertaining; however, I completely disagree. The recipes in this cookbook are uncomplicated, easy to follow and can be incorporated into everyday menus. Quite frankly, I see myself making every single one of these recipes on more than one occasion... which is more than I can say for the numerous other cookbooks that I personally own. What I love, most especially, is that this cookbook comes from the best place... the heart." - Tanya B.

"This cookbook is really beautiful, right down to every little detail. I love how there are pictures of the food for each recipe. That is a huge plus because it is great to see how the food should turn out when cooking it. In addition, the recipes are really easy to follow and there is even a section below each recipe that allows for you to add your own additional notes. I have to say that so far my favorite recipes are the Eggplant Parmesan, Tomato and Goat Cheese Crostata, and the Stilton and Pear Macaroni. All of which are so yummy and will make you the hit at any party." - Vanessa S.

"I am not a fabulous entertainer. The details that I think are necessary in order to make a meal and hosting experience as a whole wonderful simply overwhelm me…until I picked up Marc's book. There were so many tips to help me prepare, so many dishes that were delicious without the need for hard-to-find ingredients, so many extra notes of encouragement to put my nervous self at ease.  I (and my guests) simply LOVED the creamy mashed potato recipe. I was asked over and over again for the Gorgonzola Bruschetta recipe, and the Molasses cookie recipe has now replaced my family’s traditional Christmas recipe.  The drink recipes are fantastic! They’re done with the same elegance and approach as the rest of the book; ingredients, picture of what I should be making, and a nice story or note from Marc. Marc and Ryan took some standard drinks and gave them a wonderful finish, as well as introduced me to some subtle changes that really made a difference when hosting.  The pictures. While most books will have a reference picture, none make it both an art and function piece nearly as well as Ryan. The right focus and full page view of each item gives it both an appeal to look at (while preparing), as well as a reference for what I should be doing to make the presentation as good as the taste.  All in all, definitely a book that should be added to your kitchen cabinet and referenced when you want that extra something in a nightly meal or need to find something special for an event but don’t have the time to do extensive research and preparation (Marc’s done that for you).  As with any review, a critique: the binding. With a physical book, the binding can make things easy or hard and I would love to see this book come out in a format that has a softer binding or perhaps a very nice deckling on the pages…something to set the book itself apart.  I can’t say enough about this book…except …I need more recipes! Can’t wait for the sequel!" - Jason S.