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Pear & Orange Punch

La Vie Piquant

La vie piquant—the spicy life!  Everyday is filled with “piquant” moments that are pleasantly stimulation of exciting to the mind.  Whether it is in the form of food, style, design, love, entertaining, or any other inspiring idea or tangible object, “it” should be celebrated!  Here I will be sharing with you simple, beautiful, realistic, doable, and truly re-creatable recipes, entertaining ideas, and home décor pizzazz that will help you interject a little bit of “piquant” into your life – after all, we only live once.  Join me in living la vie piquant!

Pear & Orange Punch

Marc J. Sievers

Thank you to Crate&Barrel for all of the beautiful wired-edged ribbons and packaging supplies!
Thank you to Crate&Barrel for all of the beautiful wired-edged ribbons and packaging supplies!

I was recently asked by Crate&Barrel to host the ultimate cookie swap!  I created a custom punch for the event and shared some of my favorite ways to package holiday baked goods for gifting.  The turnout was amazing!  I served over 20 gallons of my Pear & Orange Holiday Punch, wrapped over 1,000 cookies and had an audience of over 500 people!

A traditional cookie swap is simple: Invite friends and family, and have each person make enough of one kind of cookie to share. At the party you taste the treats, then trade and package them in creative and unique ways!  Everyone leaves with finished gifts—and plenty of new recipes.

I have hosted many cookie swaps in my day and have some tried-and-true tips that will make your next party a success!

  • Start by sending out invitations to your guests, which should also explain the cookie swap concept.
  • Ask each guest to bring one kind of cookie and indicate how many dozen.
  • Create a theme to your party!  Ask guests to bring all types of chocolate cookies, sugar cookies, or even decorated cookies.
  • Ask your guests to bring copies of the recipes to hand out at the party.
  • I like to make a small assortment of savory tea sandwiches to counteract the sweetness of the cookies.
  • Serve my Pear & Orange Holiday Punch!
  • Remember, be creative and have fun with  the packaging supplies.  I supply clear glycine bags, an assortment of holiday ribbons, and even food-safe paper shred.  Stickers, seals, and labels are also great additions.
  • Cookie swaps are meant to be casual and social, do remember to play holiday music!
  • My BEST tip is, have FUN!  This is also an event for you to enjoy!

The next time you host a cookie swap, incorporate my tips, tricks, and punch recipe to ensure a great time is had by all!

Pear & Orange Punch


  • Pear Nectar – 4 cups, bottled
  • Orange Juice – 8 cups, natural
  • Club Soda – 4 cups, cold
  • Orange – 1 whole orange, ¼-inch sliced
  • Rosemary – 5 sprigs, fresh, on stem
  • Cranberries – 1 bag, frozen, whole


My Pear & Orange Holiday Punch is being served to hundreds of waiting guests!
My Pear & Orange Holiday Punch is being served to hundreds of waiting guests!
  1. Begin with well-chilled ingredients.  First, pour the club soda into a large pitcher.  Next pour the orange juice into the pitcher, and then the pear nectar.  Stir gently.
  2. Next, add the orange slices and whole rosemary sprigs to the pitcher, followed by the frozen cranberries.   Stir the pitcher and allow the orange slices, rosemary, and cranberries to stay at the surface.  Stir occasionally to keep the fresh juices well-mixed.
  3. Provide punch glasses for your guests and enjoy the merriment!

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