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Hey Mr. (or Mrs.) DJ, Turn It Up!

Recipes & Entertaining Ideas

Hey Mr. (or Mrs.) DJ, Turn It Up!

Marc J. Sievers

Yikes!  There is nothing worse than arriving to a friends house for dinner and its so quiet, you can hear crickets.  Wrong time?  Date?  Did someone's goldfish just go belly-up?  When my guests arrive, I want them to instantly feel welcomed and like the party is already started.  Nothing does that faster than the perfect music!  I have thousands of songs pre-loaded into my home's media center, but I constantly go back to my old favorites.  Here are my top tips in selecting the perfect playlist:

  • Create a playlist that will be appropriate to the time of day of your party, and to the theme of your food.

  • Daytime events at breakfast, brunch and lunch should be supported with cheery and happy music selections. A little French or Italian sidewalk café music can add some whimsy and frivolity while being easy on the ears.

  • For dinner, I love to play Frank Sinatra and other great artists from his genre. I always try to evoke a swanky and chic atmosphere for my guests.

  • Jazz it up with Horace Silver for dessert as your guests sip champagne or an after dinner aperitif, like The Ricky.

  • Select music that you have pre-screened. Nobody wants an unexpected word, phrase or chorus that may make you or your guests blush!

  • Play varied artists within the same music genre for a consistent theme across the board.

I'm constantly asked about the music choices I play when hosting a soiree.  It truly does depend on what theme, time of day and mood I am trying to achieve.  Here are just a few of my all-time favorite albums:

Its always a good sign when your guests are either singing along to the music you have selected or their feet are tap, tap, tapping away to the beat!  I hope my music selection tips really "turn up the beat" at your next party!  Now, let's dance!!

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