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Recipes & Entertaining Ideas

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Everyday Lemon Vinaigrette

Marc J. Sievers

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I have a secret to tell you: I can’t keep a secret! My new cookbook, Earthy & Elegant: French Omelettes will be released on October 16th and I just couldn’t wait to share one of the recipes with you! The book is full of chic, easy recipes for classic French omelettes and components to serve alongside them. My Everyday Lemon Vinaigrette is a dressing that adds a bright touch of lemon to awaken even the simplest bowl of greens. This is by far my favorite lemon vinaigrette and one that I always have in the refrigerator.  The flavors are both sharp from the lemon but with just a hint of sweetness from the honey.  The best part? It can be prepared up to 3 days in advance and stored in the same jar in which it was made! One less thing to do when preparing for a dinner party. Click here to order my new book so you can make your own bistro-worthy French omelettes for family and friends!

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Ingredients (makes 2/3 cup )

  • Lemon Zest – 2 teaspoons

  • Lemon Juice – ½ cup, freshly squeezed

  • Honey – 4 teaspoons

  • Dijon Mustard – 1 ½ teaspoons

  • Olive Oil – ½ cup

  • Sea Salt – 1 teaspoon

  • Black Pepper – 1 teaspoon, freshly cracked 


  1. Place all of the ingredients into a jar with a tight-fitting lid.  Shake vigorously for about 60 seconds until the vinaigrette is well-blended.  Set aside.

Entertaining Tip: I like to serve the extra lemon vinaigrette on the side in the same jar with a little spoon and allow guests to add more if they like. Or, for a fancier effect, serve it in a small pitcher or even a silver creamer (dust off that old tea set)!

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Vinaigrette Vert

Marc J. Sievers


You have probably heard of ‘Green Goddess’ dressing from the 70’s!  My Vinaigrette Vert  (‘vert’ means ‘green’ in French) is a reimagining of that classic recipe with a version that is no less herbaceous, but with a modern more flavorful, lighter (and French) twist, using crème fraiche instead of mayonnaise or sour cream as a base.  I love the bounty of fresh herbs that go into this vinaigrette, and I have found that using a food processor cuts down on the time spent chopping all of those herbs significantly.  Why spend time chopping when you can be eating?  This is a fabulous and versatile recipe that should be a staple in your rotation, as it makes for a deliciously fresh way to dress a plate of greens, a perfect accompaniment for crudités or a spread on a tartine!

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Ingredients (makes 1 cup)

  • Crème Fraiche – ½ cup

  • Sherry Vinegar – 1 teaspoon

  • Dill – ½ cup, roughly chopped

  • Tarragon – ¼ cup, roughly chopped

  • Basil – ¼ cup, roughly chopped

  • Chives – 3 tablespoons, roughly chopped

  • Mint Leaves – 1 tablespoon, roughly chopped

  • Parsley – 1 cup, roughly chopped, Italian flat leaf variety

  • Garlic – 2 cloves, roughly chopped

  • Lemon Juice - 3 tablespoons, freshly squeezed

  • Black Pepper – ½ teaspoon, freshly cracked

  • Fleur de Sel – ½ teaspoon

  • Olive Oil – ½ cup


  1. In the bowl of a food processor fitted with a steel blade, add all of the ingredients except the olive oil.

  2. Pulse a few times to combine the crème fraiche and fresh herbs.

  3. With the motor running, slowly pour the olive oil down the feed tube. 

  4. Transfer the dressing to a serving bowl and serve alongside a green salad.

Tip: You can also serve this vinaigrette as a dip for a vegetable crudité, use as a sauce on grilled or roasted vegetables and as a spread on tartines and sandwiches.

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Honey with Crushed Red Pepper Flakes

Marc J. Sievers


Have you ever tried infused honey? Fresh herbs, spices and even dried flowers, can be used to give honey a whole new flavor profile. My Honey with Crushed Red Pepper Flakes is a quick and easy way to add a kick to cheeseboards, veggies and your favorite grilled cheese sandwich! All you need is a 16 ounce jar of honey (buy it already in a jar!) and about 1-2 teaspoons of crushed red pepper flakes (or more if you dare!). I find it easier to pour out a bit of the honey in order to make room for the pepper flakes and allow the flakes to incorporate freely with the honey in the jar. Use as much or as little of the pepper flakes as you like, close the jar and stir! To concentrate the flavor, allow the jar to sit at room temperature for at least 7 days, longer if you prefer a more intense infusion. I like to sit the jar in a sunny windowsill to maximize the spice of the pepper flakes even more!

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Pistachio Butter

Marc J. Sievers


We all know about the wonders of butter, but have you ever tried making a compound butter? A quick search of your pantry is all it would take to find a few things to make a delicious butter that can elevate many of your favorite dishes! My Pistachio Butter only calls for four ingredients, but it packs serious and sophisticated flavor. It is perfect to toss with blanched or grilled vegetables or to spread on toast or muffins in the morning.  This is a recipe that adds instant flavor to even the simplest dishes, like sautéed green beans (add the zest of a lemon for a touch of brightness!).  You can also add it to fresh vegetables from your garden, grocery store, or farmers market!

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Pistachio Butter

Ingredients (makes 10 tablespoons)

  • Whole Pistachios – ½ cup, shelled, unsalted

  • Butter – 8 tablespoons, unsalted, at room temperature, European-style preferred

  • Fleur de Sel – ¼ teaspoon

  • Black Pepper – ¼ teaspoon, freshly cracked


  1. In a small sauté pan set over medium heat, add the shelled pistachios and toast for 3-5 minutes until lightly toasted, tossing occasionally.  Transfer them to a cutting board and allow them to cool for 10 minutes.

  2. Once the pistachios are cooled, give them a rough chop.  Transfer the nuts to a small bowl, add in the remaining ingredients and thoroughly mix.

  3. Cut a strip of parchment paper 5-inches wide and place the mixture on the short end of the paper. Roll into a log about 1 inch in diameter, rolling the parchment paper around the butter mixture. Twist ends to close. Chill overnight.

  4. Serve by cutting into 1/2 inch thick slices.

Tip: This butter will keep perfectly fresh stored in the refrigerator or up to 1 week in an airtight container.  A fabulous last-minute addition to recipes where you want extra flavor.

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