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In My Absence…

Marc J. Sievers

You may have noticed that I have been a little “absent” online as of late.  (Yes, there is a bit of a gap from my last post in April until now.)  Fear not!  I have not succumbed to writer’s block, or worse, a cooking block!  Over the past few months I have been working hard in my super-secret fab-lab-ulous new-ventures laboratory with my friend and collaborator Linda Marie Clark on creating a very special line of fine art paper products called Watermarc – Art & Appetite.  We launched the web site and online store on June 9, and celebrated the debut of Watermarc at Williams-Sonoma Lincoln Park here in Chicago on June 25!

Linda Marie Clark and Marc J. Sievers at a farmer's market in Chicago's Gold Coast.

I am so very excited to share with you the fruits of our efforts to create Watermarc.  Linda is a fabulous artist and photographer.  It is her watercolors that bring to life the collections we created for Watermarc.  I supply perfected savvy recipes and entertaining expertise, and together our contributions create beautiful, useful, collectable, and unique products.

“Watermarc” is, of course, a play on the word “watermark”, but for us “water” represents Linda’s watercolors, “marc” represents my culinary and entertaining expertise, and together “watermarc” is a reference to ink and paint on paper.  Visit the Watermarc website ( and learn more about what we created and how we did it.  Explore the five collections of products we launched just a month ago!

In addition to the debut of Watermarc and its  catalogue of products, I have also been hard at work freshening up my own web site and streamlining things here at  It was time for a fresh look that I could use to really highlight the images associated with my blog posts.  As has been said, we eat with our eyes, and I wanted a web site that better showcases the delicious recipes and know-how I put together for you.

As you can see, I have accomplished just that!  The new design includes my new branding, as well as a refreshed identity for my blog—La Vie Piquant.  My evolution over the last four years has been one of finding my voice in a way that is true to me, but also useful and engaging for my readers and viewers.  La Vie Piquant is the perfect expression of my approach to life, food, style, design, love, and more.

Piquant – pi·quant /ˈpēkənt,-känt/ adjective:  Pleasantly stimulating or exciting to the mind.

Think spicy, intriguing, stimulating, interesting, fascinating, colorful, exciting, lively—these are all attributes I could use to describe food, experiences, recipes, ingredients, style, fashion, design, love, and more.  I want to experience and explore the piquant things in life.  And so Marc’s Weekly is now La Vie Piquantthe spicy life!

I have moved over all of my posts, all the way back to the start of my online sharing in October 2012!  The new format is stunning and is also mobile phone-friendly, another important step in the evolution of my blog.  Just like you, I’m constantly on the go and do a lot of my web surfing on my iPhone.  Now, my web site and La Vie Piquant render beautifully in a mobile browser.  Of course, the best experience is on a large screen so you can soak up the vivid images with each post, but I don’t lug a big monitor around with me, and I suspect you don't either.

In addition to all this updated goodness, I have also revamped my line-up for From My Kitchen to Yours.  New webisodes will be posted on my YouTube channel in the coming months, and my new blog format gives me a great way to integrate all of the media I produce into one rich and complete experience for you without having to jump from site to site.

Welcome to the fresh, updated, and exciting new and La Vie Piquant (you can always jump to my blog directly by way of  Sign up to receive my email announcements and don’t miss any of the fabulous new ideas, recipes, tips, and know-how I have queued up to share with you here on my new web site.  In the coming weeks I will be adding services like private wedding registry planning, themed at-home cooking tutorials, entertaining tutorials, and a scrumptious curated fine foods line (all handmade by moi!).

This has been a wonderful and exciting journey getting to this point, and I’m so energized by this new format and the capability to connect with you in a richer and more vibrant way.  I want to hear from you!  Add your thoughts via the comment box below, and click on the share button and spread the word!  I would not have been able to do all of this if it weren’t for you, so help me to keep it going!

Eat well, laugh often, and share the love!

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