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Table for Two

Cooking and Entertaining for You and Your +1

My brand-new book, now on sale, is one-part cookbook, one-part entertaining guide, with a dash of story-telling and memoir.  I set out to address the challenge of cooking and entertaining smartly just for two.  I've kept it simple, flavorful, and familiar with elegant recipes created from scratch to serve a duet.  Just as important as having a great recipe to cook from, entertaining for a duo should not be as frenzied as throwing a dinner party for ten.  In Table for Two, I also laid out an easy-to-follow guide for truly effortless cooking and entertaining, perfectly portioned and planned for two.


© 2016 Marc J. SieversAll rights reserved.

© 2016 Marc J. SieversAll rights reserved.


“Giving your undivided attention to your +1 is at the heart of the experience I aimed to capture with my cookbook. The food you prepare should support that, and doesn’t need to be complicated, fussy, or overly-extravagant.  My new book features vegetarian recipes perfectly portioned for two, with fresh ingredients, straight-forward preparation, and truly fabulous flavors.”  —Marc J. Sievers

 p177 | Chicago Sliders

p177 | Chicago Sliders

p9 | Table of Contents

Cooking and Entertaining for You and Your +1

I laid out my cookbook to be as functional as possible.  My goal was to create a cookbook that is genuinely easy to use so there would be as few barriers as possible between one of my recipes on a page and the finished dish on your dining table.  I have also created a fabulous guide with dedicated sections about shopping for two, kitchen equipment, everyday ingredients, and how to entertain for you and your +1.

Table for Two is structured in three major sections:

  • How to Use This Book, including useful guidance on shopping, equipment, and ingredients for two.
  • Entertaining for Two, with five in-home entertaining vignettes, how-to tips and ideas, and menus for each setting.
  • Recipes for Two, with six categories of chic vegetarian cooking that range from delicious breakfast options to flavorful main courses, and decadent desserts, all portioned just for two!

Recipes for Two

I created flavorful, easy, and elegant vegetarian recipes entirely from scratch to be perfectly portioned for two.  I kept it simple, familiar, and chic with elegant dishes focused on fresh ingredients and straight-forward preparation.  No need for exotic tools or wild ingredients— simply fabulous savvy home cooking for two.

Entertaining Guide

With Table for Two as your trusted guide, set up a catch-up around the coffee table, enjoy a kitchen island soirée, or a marvelous in-bed fête.  I have set these scenes and more, with useful ideas and easy menus, all centered on wonderful recipes, laid out in an easy-to-follow guide for truly effortless entertaining, perfectly planned for two.

Easy & Elegant

More than just a book of recipes, Table for Two is one-part cookbook, one-part entertaining guide, with a dash of story-telling and memoir.  With flavorful recipes, a masterful guide, beautiful photography, and inspired stories, I set out to address the challenge of cooking and entertaining easily and elegantly just for two.  We each have different plus-ones in our lives—those friendships, relationships, and special connections who deserve our undivided attention.  Table for Two is sure to be a welcomed addition to your chef’s library as your favorite lifestyle cookbook and guide you will turn to for a party of two!

Take a peek inside:


 p101 | Fried Blue Cheese Olives

p101 | Fried Blue Cheese Olives

American made.  Printed in the USA.

I recipe tested and photographed Table for Two in my home kitchen—my small but mighty little workshop!  The book was printed in the USA.  When you shop directly through, you support a small business, and that means a great deal!  With your order here, you will receive a signed copy and complimentary two-day shipping (as well as the ability to gift directly to as many +1s as you like!).

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