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Marc J. Sievers — Live!

In a fabulous #MJSmoment, Marc shows you how to create delicious pinwheels from simple frozen puff pastry you can buy at your local grocery store. Be sure to LIKE this video, and hit the SUBSCRIBE button so you'll be the first to see my new webisodes as they debut!
In a fabulous #MJSmoment, Marc shows you how to make your own vanilla bean ice cream. It can be dessert by itself, or elevate any other dessert imaginable. Join Marc as he shows you how to create this ultimate earthy and elegant summer treat!

In a fabulous #MJSmoment, Marc gives classic summer condiments a make-over using other pantry staples, fresh herbs, and even a cookie cutter!

In a fabulous #MJSmoment, Marc walks you through one of the easiest and most delicious recipes in his repertoire for black pepper and dill pickles. With summer on full blast and farmers markets in full swing, this is the perfect recipe to actually bottle (well, can) those fresh summer flavors!

In a fabulous #MJSmoment, Marc prepares for a sunset beach picnic with fabulous friends at the storied Oak Street Beach in Chicago, just two short blocks from his apartment. Marc shows you how to prepare a few simple recipes for al fresco entertaining.

In a fabulous #MJSmoment, Marc shows you how to create elegant and easy flower arrangements you can enjoy all week. And a quick canapé for an impromptu soirée during the week.

Join me in my own home kitchen where I teach and explain with fun and easy-to-follow how-to webisodes that encourage you to be a savvy home cook and stress-free host! I share with you helpful cooking and entertaining tips and ideas that are always fun, and always delicious!  My series From My Kitchen to Yours debuted in January 2013 and has five series.

Series 5 - Table for Two edition!

Series 4 - From My Kitchen to Yours


Series 3 - From My Kitchen to Yours

From My Kitchen to Yours - Series 2

Series 2, Episode 1: Marc is back in the kitchen, and on location, in this first webisode of series 2 of From My Kitchen to Yours! The stunning gourmet kitchen at Williams-Sonoma Lincoln Park is the perfect setting for Marc's truly French Omelettes!

From My Kitchen to Yours - Series 1