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Watermarc – Art & Appetite

Watermarc – Art & Appetite is the result of a creative collaboration between me and my good friend, artist, and photographer Linda Marie Clark.  Together we have created a line of fine art quality occasion cards filled with timeless recipes and beautiful watercolors, inspired by our shared passions for culinary delight and fine art, and kindled by our individual professional talents.  My classic rustic recipes and expert entertaining know-how are brought to life by Linda's vibrant and stunning watercolor interpretations.

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Watermarc occasion cards are now available for sale here on my website!  Shop now and join my mailing list to be sure you receive announcements when new occasion cards debut!

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Occasion Cards

Watermarc – Art & Appetite occasion cards are filled with timeless recipes and beautiful watercolors that are inspired by the moments in our lives when a sense of togetherness matters—regardless of being separated by space and time.  Each card has its own source of inspiration and sense of occasion.  Eat well, laugh often, and share the love.

Our Watermarc occasion cards help you to enjoy the festivity of those special moments and holidays in life by renewing the timeless art of posted cards as a personal and tangibly engaging way to let that special someone know that you are thinking of them on a particular day—whether it be a birthday fête, holiday, or just a special moment.  Our occasion cards are filled with light-hearted and playful watercolor scenes by artist and photographer Linda Marie Clark.  Send a unique and special message with a birthday card, holiday card, or occasion card.  Each includes a complete original recipe by cookbook author and entertaining expert Marc J. Sievers, and fits into any standard recipe box or binder to be enjoyed again any time of the year!

 Linda and Marc visiting his local farmer's market at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago for inspiration.

Linda and Marc visiting his local farmer's market at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago for inspiration.

Watermarc Paper

We want the experience of Watermarc to be a truly tangible one that faithfully complements the original watercolor artwork by Linda Marie Clark and entertaining expertise of Marc J. Sievers.  We are in the business of experiences, and it all starts with the paper in your hand.

The Watermarc brand represents many things, but at the heart of every experience, is holding a paper occasion card in your hand and being delighted by Linda's artwork, and inspired by Marc's recipes and entertaining know-how.

We put as much thought into the paper as we have into every other aspect of Watermarc.  It is on the paper that all of those elements tangibly come together and you can enjoy the experience of art and appetite.

Fine Art Quality

First, we set out to find a paper that could faithfully and masterfully reproduce Linda Marie Clark's watercolor artwork.  She creates each sketch with an incredible amount of detail and passion.  Our paper must present her artwork to you just as we see Linda's originals.

Our paper is a fine art quality, typically used in fine art galleries.  All of our paper is acid-free and archival, meaning it will hold the image and not fade or degrade for many years when stored properly (nothing fancy here, just a cool dry place, like the inside of your recipe box!).

Texture & Feel

All of the products we create for Watermarc are meant to impress a sense of quality and attention to detail.  Our paper is 0.41mm thick, a heavy gauge that imparts a tactile sense of quality, but not overly stiff or off-putting.  We want our occasion cards to feel luxurious and well-made, not overly formal and unusable.

American Made

Integral to our core values is a desire to design, create, and source our products entirely in the United States, including our paper, envelopes, and even packaging.  We also recognize that by sourcing American-made paper we are also supporting other small businesses with a similar mission to ours.  Our commitment to sourcing our paper from other American producers and artisans will always be central to our product development.  Watermarc was a 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Awards Finalist.

Environmentally Responsible

We intend for you to enjoy our occasion cards for generations to come.  However, we recognize the need to be responsible in every stage of production and consumption.  As is the case with any physical resource needed for production, there is a good way and not-so-good way to procure it.  Our paper is actually made of bamboo here in the United States.  Bamboo is a fast-growing natural resource that is significantly less intensive than traditional hardwood production.  And we have purposefully used minimal packaging to ensure we leave as small of a waste footprint as possible.

Linda Marie Clark

Linda Marie Clark is a talented watercolor artist and award-winning photographer—she has been published by the National Geographic Society.  Her painting and photography reflect the inspiration of the colors, tastes, smells, and flavors from her travel and experiences.  Linda's work is framed by an innate faculty for design and style, and enhanced by her worldly and constant curiosity.  Linda lives an inspired life in Concord, CA painting in her outdoor private studio surrounded by a colorful vegetable and flower garden, complete with a brood of French chickens.

Linda's career has spanned over 40 years, from a budding industrial designer to a veteran of the airline industry which provided her the opportunity to become intimately familiar with some of the most exotic places across the globe.

When Linda was young she was drawn to the creative side of life—a new box of Crayola 100 was a gold mine.  A desire to draw, paint, and create was always forefront in her mind.  With no formal instruction Linda went through life with that constant craving to paint and create.  While in college she found photography and the magic of the darkroom process where, with a few chemicals, she discovered a talent to capture images in an artistic way.

Linda developed a desire to travel while in college and had an opportunity to go to Europe with friends, but finances were slim.  A major airline was interviewing and Linda hit the deck running.  Two months later she was living in New York, far from her Seattle upbringing, and flying across the country.  Several months later she was with her college friends in Paris on a trip through France and Italy—Linda’s passion for food, art, culture, and experiences beyond the ordinary was cemented.

 Linda at work with her watercolors in her inspiring California backyard.

Linda at work with her watercolors in her inspiring California backyard.

Throughout Linda’s travels the culinary adventures have always excited her.  In every country she travels to her “go to” places are the food markets and art museums.  While working flights to Korea she had a little kitchen in a suit case that she kept in her hotel in Seoul.  She would gather ingredients and whip up meals in her room for the crew with a small cooking pot, blender, egg poacher, and coffee maker.

Forty years on, Linda retired from airline service.  Her inspired life is now filled with her gardens, award-winning photography, and best of all, her painting.  Linda is stirred by the fluid and vibrant movement of watercolor, and how each painting so captures her deepest passions.  There is no retiring from her passion.

Now well into her professional career as an artist and photographer, Watermarc is Linda’s first commercial collaboration and came about as a natural partnership that blossomed from a true friendship with Marc J. Sievers.  Her watercolors capture the joie de vie in Marc’s approach to food and entertaining and their collaboration has served to strengthened their bond, and embody the true essence of the Watermarc brand.